Sunday, April 20, 2014


This red carbon beauty  gave me a wild desire of sailing it, when I saw it for the first time on the last Dusseldorf boat show. The 31R was tested by They did not seem to had much luck with the wind. Even so I will be very interested in seeing if they confirm the good impression that boat give me, when I fell in love with it :-) Maybe Anders can say us something about that when he reads that test.

 Contrary to all those boats made in China by European and American companies this is truly a Chinese boat and a high quality one designed by Simonis-Voogd Design. The Fareast company really impresses me and I will not be surprised at all if they become the first Chinese big boat manufacturer of cruising boats.

They are learning the technology from the top and they have the means and knowledge to succeed. If they get the right advise in what regards the proper program for a popular main market fast performance cruising boat, I will have few doubts. The Asia boat market is on the rise and all the staff of this company is unusually young with a large future ahead.
Just the dimensions of the boat make me want to have a spin on it. Can you imagine a boat with 1800kg and 1200kg of ballast? Or a 1800kg boat with 63m2 of area upwind and 161m2 downwind?:-) It is a relatively narrow boat with 2.95m beam for a hull length of 9.48m.  The Beam is pulled back and it has a single rudder.

A rocket boat for sure and probably one less expensive than the competition. Let's see how it will perform!

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