Friday, July 24, 2015


First of all a word of thanks to the ones that have sent me personal messages asking if I had some problem and when the blog would be continued. It will be continued in October since I am sailing and with no time for it right now, except that I had a problem on the saildrive of my boat and while I am at Corfu waiting for it to be fixed,  I will have some time available. So in between some posts and the first one about a favorite, the Solaris 50.

I had already talked about this boat that impressed me on the last Dusseldorf boat show and I had posted already about it:

I will not repeat myself regarding the above post just will post some new pictures and refer what Yachting World and Toby Hodges (that tested the boat) say about it:

"This new 50-footer follows the fiendishly cool Solaris 58, which launched in early 2014 – including the pi├Ęce-de-resistance dreadnought bow and subtle aft chines. But, at nearly half the price of her larger sister, the Solaris 50 should prove a popular choice.
As the latest Acebal-designed range of Solaris yachts become increasingly sleeker, one thing hasn’t changed: their build quality remains top-drawer.
Javier Soto Acebal has drawn a hull that promises strong performance with a soft motion. It will have an integrated bowsprit for flying Code 0s and gennakers, and a self-tacking jib as standard for easy short-handed sailing.
Stowage has been well-considered throughout. The large sail locker can be converted to a crew cabin and a longitudinal garage will facilitate the launch and recovery of a tender. There is dedicated liferaft stowage and a wet-hanging locker inside, with drip tray and drainage."
On the video talking about how it sails Toby says "Fantastic", regarding the boat "the sexiest 50 ft around" with a "smartly finished interior" "built and finished very well".
 I would say a cruising boat for the ones that really like sailing as much as cruising and  also for the ones for whom beauty is an important matter in a sailingboat.

Just a final word about something you don't see but it is there: First the cockpit table, hidden under the cockpit floor, very easy to deploy and the Spray-hood also completely hidden and also easy to rise or store away. Another thing you don't see is the price that I would say it is surprisingly low at 480 000 euros, much less than what would cost a Halberg Rassy that I would say has a similar quality. Maybe that's one of the reasons why they have already sold several of these beauties.