Friday, January 17, 2014


What's about and previous story:

I started a thread on sailnet:
that have become more of a popular blog then a thread. With the help of some few contributors (that I hope will join me here) in few years the thread become very popular with about 1500 hits a day and more than 1 million 300 thousand hits in few years.

Only a miracle and interested civil forum members allowed that something with a form of a blog could be held on a public forum but things had changed and what was good fun on a very nice ambiance become disagreeable with an hostile environment created by few. No fun anymore so I will give up and I will continue it on a true Blog, as open as possible but with full control in what regard rude behavior and direction.

Like on the previous thread with the same name, it is all about sailboats, sailors, cruisers, racers, boat design and sea stories.

The objective is to having fun and provide a good read (and nice videos) to all that like sailing but also to provide information that will allow a better understanding regarding the different  types of boats on the market, understanding that I hope will contribute for a more adequate choice regarding personal needs, tastes and cruising or racing life style.

It will be a seasonal blog since I cruise about 4 months in a year so, like the thread, this will be mostly an Autumn and winter Blog with few posts on Spring and Summer. I hope you all enjoy it and I would like you all to participate

I had a great offer from a German "member"of this blog in what regards improving it. Contrary to me he is a Pro and knows all about it, while I know almost nothing, so it can only get better ;-). I will not name it (even if I want to) because I don't know if he wants to, but I will hope that from that collaboration all problems in what regards easy accessible information hill be dealt with.

The idea is to divide the contents of this blog in several chapters with easy access: One for the current discussion and new posts, one for new boats presentation and boat tests, other for boat design, another for cruising, another for racing, another about great contemporary NAs and their work. The idea is presenting all content on the current "chapter" and then after some time archive everything under the different chapters, eventually deleting less relevant posts or restructuring them joining its content with others. Like a giant book on sailboats with chapters but a never ending one.

So, I am open to ideas regarding the best format for this blog. You can post them as comments to this post (I will not re-post them but that way they would be seen by all and could induce some discussion) or to my mail :

 On the previous thread we had all this but even I had difficulty in finding relevant information from older posts, I mean to find them. One thing I absolutely want to maintain and even increase is the collaborative trend that existed already on the old thread regarding content, with many interesting information coming from other contributors. Even if not contributing with very relevant information it is important for me to hear about you all and to maintain that conviviality. For that till we manage a better system I will re-post your comments on the the current posts for all to see and share and if they are just simply to say hello and little more I will delete them on the Archive later (and they will remain as comments on the blog).

Also in what regards racing or boats presentations, when more complete information is presented, less relevant information will be deleted trying to maintain a much richer, easily available and denser content.


I found out first the inconvenient of a Blog over a thread; now I am discovering the advantages and I want to maximize them. So, some rules to better communication and the blog:

1- Just post the comments on the right place (instead of on the last post) regarding the post you want to comment. I was afraid not to see all comments but I receive a mail alerting me to them so no problem with missing them.
2-Regarding your comments they can be of 2 types: Just a simple comment, kind of: I like it or I don't like it, or something that can be viewed as something more relevant regarding the discussion on the subject.
On the first case the comment will stay there, visible to all, if it is a contribution it will be posted by me on the main body and erased as a comment on the post.
3- After some weeks the comment or comments about a subject will be deleted as a single post and integrated on the main body of the post they were commenting

The big advantage has to do with reuniting all relevant information about a single subject on a single post. That gives me more work but it will work nicely and will make the reading and searching on the blog much easier. To see what I mean go to the post on the SO 349 (at the beginning) and have a look. That post reunites already all discussion about that boat that was dispersed by several posts.

Thanks to all for your help, support and incentive. I wait for your ideas and contributions to be able to make a better Blog.


Hi Everybody and glad to have you all on this, I mean the ones that I did not yet re-posted, Dias de playa (Pedro) Edward3 (mylar), Thomas, TK, Laurent, Anders, Eric, Mr Pelicano, Opc, Florian and all the others.

 This is going to be a odd blog :-). I intend to have you all (and the ones that will join us) participating and contributing and for that I will re-post your contributes on the main blog, not as a comment but as a content. It will be not very different than what we had on sailnet, except here I can assure to all that we will have a very nice ambiance no matter different opinions.

It may take sometime but if the contribution is relevant I well re-post it for discussion. If it is just a comment, it will remain on comments.

If someone has some question regarding a particular boat or something that may be of interest or would like to see debated, just post it on the last post as a comment and I will re-post it (if I find it of general interest) or at least I will reply as a comment.

Best regards to all,