Sunday, August 3, 2014


As promised some more information about our voyage and as a picture says much more than words, it will be mainly pictures with some information.

We left Agios Nikolaos at 27 bound to a small beach on the East Coast of Crete (Vai) to stay for the night and to cross in the morning to Karpathos Island.
We made some friends on Agios Nikolaos that are travelling with us now, a couple (Yvonne and Arnaud) from Saint Malo (France) on a little First 30: Good sailors as it was to be expected from cruisers from the old Brittany Corsaire city.
We made it to Karpathos and next day we made it to Rhodes Island, more precisely to Lindos, sailing nicely upwind, first close to the wind (7K) than at 60ยบ (over 8K).

Lindos is a gem that not even the tourist crowds, that come in bus and day trippers, manage to spoil. It is almost too perfect to be true: A good and very nice anchorage (not crowded) a nice old typical Greek village, a medieval castle and a Greek/Micenian Agora.

No cars in the town, but lots of "Taxis", I mean donkey taxis :-)

Sorry about the non edited pictures, they could be better if worked out but I have no time now, I am enjoying myself at Rhodes old city waiting a break on the wind to make it to Simi, a tiny but very nice Island were Yvonne's brother is building a house. And that's all for now. 

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