Saturday, August 30, 2014


A lot has been said here about the SF3600 and its rival, the JPK 1080. The sailing performance is very similar, both can be sailed with crews in regatta but they were thought specially for solo or duo ocean racing and in the case of the JPK (that has a decent cruising interior) also for performance cruising with a solo sailor or a couple. They have already proved that they were fast, winning the first leg of the Transquadra (the JPK come first followed by the Sunfast but the diference was real minimal). They have also showed that they can compete in handicap crewed racing on equal terms with the best boats. Quite a package :-)...and now the British seem to be wakening for short crew racing, as we can see on this test by the British magazine Yachting world:

It is case to say: Better later then never  :-) and for what the tester say they seem really to be liking the idea. For having an impression of what is living and cruising aboard this other video gives a good idea: 

Quite spartan, but possible. I have to say that as a cruiser that likes to go fast I prefer clearly the JPK 1080, same performance but a cozy interior and a lot more comfort while cruising not to mention the possibility of customization that is only possible on a small shypiard owned by a great sailor, JPK himself. He is really passionate about what he does and understand the passions and desires of others even if different from his own. And these are really boats for passionate people, passionate by sailing and beautiful carènes (hulls), like the French say.

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  1. According to one or another North American on the Sailnet "Interesting Sailboats" thread (now as dead as a dodo), these are no more than "pointed shoe boxes".

    I don't agree.

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