Sunday, December 13, 2015


There is another little Hanse, a new 315. I confess that I did not take a second look at the boat when I saw it the first time. Sure it is a nice little boat but nothing specially attractive or looking anything out of the ordinary. So, why am I posted about it?

Because I start reading several test sails from magazines from different countries and all test sailors are unanimous in referring that the boat really sails very well and it is fast for a non performance boat. Looking again we can see some details that are very interesting like the control of the boom near the steering wheel, a traveller there, the option for a rudder or two wheels, a self tacking jib, a good B/D ratio for the type of boat, type of keel and draft and a very attractive price starting at 60 000 euros.

The Hanse 315 has also a very nice light and bright interior and it is no wonder to have been nominated for the European boat of the year contest. It would not surprise me if it won it on his category. Sometimes simplicity and effectiveness are underrated, sometimes not.

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  1. I like this Hanse model... light and airy... looks like a fast boat too... I really like the jib track system... Thanks Paulo...