Saturday, May 12, 2018


Not really closed, you can post comments and I will do my best to reply but I will be too busy having fun to post...except if I have to take shelter from the Meltemi (I hope not).

If you want to follow my voyage you can do that on my facebook page where I post photos of the places where I stay (normally at anchor). That's in Portuguese but the Facebook translator is pretty good.

Don't ask me where I plan to sail to because I do not really have a plan. I sail accordingly to the conditions to where sailing is nicer and the wind is not too strong or too weak. Lots of great choices on the Aegean and almost any direction has interesting places and nice anchorages.

I sail out of Nea Peramos (photo below) where Stavros Manitsas has a great shipyard. He is a very nice guy, I like the ambiance and the only thing fixed about this trip is the endpoint, at Nea Peramos (Makedonia, Greece) again, sometime in October.

Friday, May 4, 2018


For the ones that are not following, a strong recommendation, don't miss it, the race has been great. Now for the first time the leaders, the duo  Hardy/ Ruyant, have managed some advance (18.5 miles) and are pursued by Simon/Lagraviere that have Marchand/Loison at 28 miles.

These are all top young sailors and we all remember on last Vendee the great performance of Thomas Ruyant sailing his very broken IMOCA to safety: he did not want to lose the boat because he knew he would have difficulty in finding another sponsor or another boat. Remember that great story here:

The ladies, on Team work, are sailing at 10th place at about 110 miles from the leader. They are also great sailors and the best women solo sailors from the new generation. Clarisse is also racing but she has yet a lot to learn to reach the level of Justine and Isabelle. Clarisse is teaming with a man, a good sailor, Le Turquais and is 14th at 155 miles.

The tracker: