Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Well not really, the first one was the Moth but those can only be sailed by very skilled athletic sailors, kind of an equilibrist work all the time, like on a bicycle with only one wheel. Not so on the the Quant 28 (a scow) that goes on foils (also) but completely different type of foils, this ones an application of the DSS system developed by Hugh Welbourn.

Some amazing information regarding the boat sail performance:

... In the beginning in maybe 4-5 kts of breeze. When sailing upwind in conventional mode (boards up) with just two crew light like Roger and me (2x70kgs) You need the trapezoid from lets say solid 5kts. The boat with the right heeling angle goes 6.5 and more upwind Easily, in 8kts of true it is starting to plane upwind .. and we went on the foils doing 14kts Easily and later when breeze got up to almost 10tks we had 18.3 kts max on the counter and constantly over 16kts. 

The boat does fly steadily and it is not even really difficult to sail it on the foils with the right heeling angle....

...The task this time what to sail downwind as deep as possible fully out on the foil but with just main and jib. ...We clocked phenomenal - and more or less steady - 17.5 kts - with not much power in the sails anymore so thanks to much flatter profile i guess. We had a run of about 2km and maybe 700 m we did not touch the water once -...the scow shape Exactly does what it is supposed to do - little bump in the front section of the boat, loosing around 3kts of speed and back up again. 3 seconds later you are up on the old speed level again. Acceleration is therefore something you have to get used to - incredible.

Truly great and comparably easy to handle, we sailed just the two of us the whole day. So And we saw that this boat may be used in many different configurations - with the same amount of fun as the platform is so stable and it is leaving hull speed in almost no wind...

People looking at the boat sailing from a distance came to talk to us When back on the mooring. It was a surprise for them to see a monohull - They expected a catamaran.

Chapeau to the guys on Quant sailboats, they are doing a well of a work developing and applying DSS and pushing forward the sailing boundaries. :-)


  1. Have you seen this?

    1. No, I have been sailing ;-). Right now at anchor on a bay at the South of kefalonia ;-).

      But it is certainly very interesting the new Koster's boat. Koster is a great sailor and with this baby the French risk to lose their supremacy on the mini Transat race.

      Only a month to go!!!

      It looks like a great design, I mean the hull, but I don't think they will have time to perfect those foils in just a month.

      Anyway the mini class remains the class where all the new innovations are tried first and a class where to win it is not needed an huge amount of money..neither to come with something really new.

      Some more information:

      You can find here a video from the Trangascogne with the new boat:

      Not sharp upwind (as expected) but a dam fast boat in all other points of sail.