Sunday, July 26, 2015


Yes, it is a beauty isn'it? In November last year I posted the first images of the drawings and some very scarce information about the boat:

 Now some more pictures and information about one of the hottest boats of 2016, probably presented at Dusseldorf boat show in january 2016, after having made the first sea trials at the end of this year.

The designer, as was already said on the previous post, is Maurizio Cossutti an Italian NA that will be unknown to many but that has an excellent record in what regards racing results with cruiser racers of this size: two of his designs, the M37 and the NM38 won 6 ORCI world titles between 2007 and 2014.

The previous Salona 38 was already a very fast boat, particularly in ORC, with some podiums on ORCI world championships and several national titles but I bet this one will be even faster: the boat is lighter (5900kg to 6500kg) beamier (3.72m to 3.62m) with only more 10cm of LOA but certainly a considerably bigger LWL.

But most of all, like the previous Salona 38  this will be a great performance cruiser with lots of storage and a good cruising interior at a relatively low price, with an vinylester infusion hull, carbon reinforcements and a steel structure to support the keel and the shrouds.

A boat for the ones that like to sail while cruising and depending on the specs (that can be very different) a boat to compete not only at club racing but at highest level even at the world ORCI championship.

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  1. Great looking boat Paulo. This is the sort of mono I have my eye on. (but still interested in Trimarans ; )