Sunday, February 5, 2017


The More 55 was one of the boats that I was more curious to visit at the Dusseldorf boats show. I had done several posts about the More 55, accompanied the Atlantic crossing of several of them on the ARC, where one of the boats was very fast, being the others reasonably fast and with one of the them losing a rudder.

Regarding that rudder it seems that the problem was only with the rudder blade that delaminated and was gone, they say, after having hitting something. All steel structure remained in place and they were able to repair it with some floor boards.

They also said that on the Caribbean they had hit a reef hard and that the boat had not sustained any damage on the keel structure. Fact is that the keel structure, a huge massive steel grid that was visible through a plexiglass that substituted the floor boards, is an impressive one.

This is a new brand, owned by Swedish with boats built in Croatia, with the "savoir faire" of Salona, from where many  workers have come, including at high level, over a very good design by Cossuti. An improbable and curious story that started when a charter company, specialized on the charter of performance boats (More charter, that used mainly Salona yachts), decided to build their own boat.

The More 55 offers a dinghy garage of good dimensions and an interior very similar in quality to what Salona used to offer, even the design and choice of woods is similar and that means a good quality interior.

Unfortunately the layout is far from being the better for a boat with those dimensions and the saloon has much space wasted. It has a galley all along one side and a seating area and table on the other, resulting on a large space unused between the two sections. Worst, that large space makes difficult to use the galley at sea, since no body support is possible, at least in one of the tacks.

Three layouts are offered (all with the same saloon), two for charter and one for private ownership use, that one with a big forward cabin and a  large sail locker that will provide the needed storage.

The big disappointment came when I was trying to understand what kind of core they use on the hull and after  a lot of confusion I understood that even if this is a vacuum infused boat, they use a monolithic hull. Hard to believe in all those claims that they make regarding a very stiff hull with great resistance against torsion.

It also helps to explain how they manage to propose these boats at a very attractive price, being the one of the More 55 - 387 000 euros and the one of the new More 40 - 185 000 euros. Both boats are very light and it is difficult to understand how they can be strong enough using a monolithic hull with that displacement. A mixed feeling about these yachts after an initial big enthusiasm. Maybe they will improve the boat. It does not seem difficult.

Comparing the More 55 with a Jeanneau 54 we will see that the Jeanneau is almost  2T heavier and costs about the same. The Jeanneau has an infused balsa sandwich hull on the sides, a monolithic hull below the waterline with an interior "contre moule" as structure on the bottom. A better hull for the Jeanneau, a better structure for the More.

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  1. Nice boats but not practical. Building system seems not to be the correct one. For this money, there are other shipyards with more guarantee. Only my opinion...

    1. And what are they, for this price? I mean regarding the More 55? None offers a structural frame like this one and none offers Vacuum injection with vinylester resins. Sure, I hoped More 55 offered a sandwich hull and I don't believe that the boat does not flex, but the other mass production boats of this size do that to.

      I am not sure that it is not better than the other mass production boats around and certainly it is faster. A bit of a disappointment to me however.

      There are already some available on independent charter companies (besides the ones on More charter). Time will tell. If it is better we will see it selling in large numbers.

      I expressed doubts, that's all. They have the means to better the boat and I really hope they do that since the hull design is great.