Thursday, February 9, 2017


Another great boat winning this year's award. I had already made a post about it and it was without surprise that the Outremer 4X won this year's contest. Only the price of this beauty is not to like and they know it, since it is impossible to find it on line. It should cost over 750 000 euros, a huge price for a cruising boat.

Sure, the interior space of this extended 45ft (2ft more on the swim platform than the 45ft), about the same as a Lagoon 42, would be too much for most couples, the problem here is that a smaller performance cruising cat, with less than 45ft, would have not the right size for offering an adequate seaworthiness offshore, so in what regards performance cats, it is this size or bigger, while condo cats, due to the much bigger weight can offer the same seaworthiness in smaller sizes.

A great performance cruiser, not at reach of many, but that can be a very interesting choice for the ones that are looking for a 55/60ft performance monohull cruiser, a boat with a similar price, probably a not very different performance and certainly not more difficult to sail.

Here's what the boat testers of 11 European sail magazines said about the Outremer 4X and why they had chosen it as the 2017 European multihull:

Bert Bosman. Waterkampioen, Netherlands: The 4X can reach speeds of 20 knots in a pleasant and safe way, without heeling. Although the fine hulls do not provide the maximum interior volume, there is still a lot. 

Joakim Hermansson. Båtnytt, Sweden: The Outremer 4X moves faster than the wind in light wind conditions and sails even better when a good breeze fills the sails. With a tiller and ergonomically designed seats you can stay for hours at the helm and the living spaces on deck and bow are as pleasant as the interior ones. Also people who do not like to sail can enjoy going out at sea on it, since the 4X offers a new level of comfort.
 Roland Duller. YachtRevue, Austria: Surely the best of a new era in cruising catamarans of this size. It showed a good speed and  a capacity to offer sailing fun while providing many well thought out solutions, both on deck and in the interior. 

Pancho Pi-Suner Oses, Boats & Yachts, Spain:  It aims to be a comfortable boat to circumnavigate in a  fast and fun way and succeeds its objectives outstandingly. It provides all the comforts one expects to find on a catamaran but offers also very high performance. The interior and exterior spaces are integrated on one level leaving the two wheels or carbon chairs of the cane on a superior level for better visibility and that allow a more sporty steering. You really get what you pay for. 

Loïc Madeline. Voiles et Voiliers, France: The Outremer 4X is not only the European multihull of the year, but also a luxury yacht, fast and elegant. What makes it winner is the builder's decision to make it pleasant at the helm. This means having a light displacement boat, with a carbon tiller and a large sail area. It is certainly not as spacious as other catamarans of this size but it has a wide cockpit and offers a wide platform to enjoy anchorages. It is more expensive, certainly, but if you have the money, go for it.

Axel Nissen-Lie. Seilas, Norway: Outremer has what it takes to convince a monohull sailing cruiser to go over to multihull. The builder manages to solve the delicate balance between space / comfort and sailing performance. The reverse is the cost.

Jochen Rieker. Yacht, Germany: This has been a difficult category with many potential winners, but in the end the Outremer won in its class simply because it offered the best combination of space, comfort and performance while sailing. Even with the lazy wind in front of Cannes it was the boat that sailed more far away, always moving without effort. We will hardly find a better option to cross the Atlantic and spend the winter in the Caribbean.

Alberto Mariotti. Vela e Motore, Italy: With little wind, 4X Outremer was the boat that sailed more miles in Cannes and not only because Loyck Peyron was on board as ambassador. This catamaran is a real missile, built with carbon reinforcements and is half a ton lighter than the Outremer 45. Its undoubted sailing qualities are  opposed to a lesser living space in the hulls and to a bigger price. Interesting the option of having two steering positions with tiller, for sailors with a regata soul. 

Troels Lykke. BadNyt, Denmark: The 4X is expensive compared to other cruising catamarans of the same size, but the carbon fiber construction and modern design make it more fun to sail than others, being noticeably faster and with a much better acceleration. The Outremer 4X is a catamaran for real sailors. 

Lori Schüpbach., Switzerland: This catamaran is just perfect in every way: the steering is ideal, the sheets and halyards are located exactly where they should be and sailing performance is impressive. And nothing more and nothing less than the renowned sailor Loïck Peyron was on board as a shipyard consultant. The Frenchman was fully satisfied: "The boat is light and fast. And although it offers no more comfort than a home, it offers practically the same ". 

Toby Hodges. Yachting World, UK: The boat that was always sailing. That an 8T, 48ft cruising cat could sail at all in the 3–4 knot zephyrs was impressive. That we subsequently sailed steadily at 11–13 knots in 12–15 knots wind and that she could hit the mid 20s when pushed, indicates the 4X has the legs to perform. But getting that balance between speed, controllability and safety right is key for a distance cruising machine – and the 4X achieves that handsomely. This boat is not about outright speed, more a smooth, fast enjoyable ride – easy, stable flight. Outremer’s employment of Loïck Peyron in a godfather role is a clever way to ensure the ergonomics of the boat and the line handling is practically set up. The Outremer 4X is well-built to last, enjoyable to helm and the ideal size to go distance cruising at a good pace. I want one!

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