Thursday, May 8, 2014


The big crash happen on the Qingdao leg of the Extreme series championship and I say the same I had said on the previous accident: they have to take measures before someone  gets really hurt. The problem here is that downwind under a big gust they lose control of the boat and have no steering at all. The possibility of having an uncontrolled boat at over 20k on a crowded race track is madness and it had already happened many times. Are they waiting for a fatality?

On the Qingdao races: The Swiss dominated, 1st and 2nd  (Alinghy and Realstone) on 3rd the NZ team. On the overall classification 1st Alinghy, 2nd Muscat, 3rd Emirates/NZ.
 Here you can see a good resume:

On the other side of the world the women's dream sailing team keep on training on their pink VOR 65, this time with a Transat at very good speed. If they will not be competitive it will not be for lack of training :-) but I really think that the men's teams should take care with these ladies. I love SCA for what they are doing for sailing and to women sailors in particular. I hope it will pay off in advertising for them. They deserve it.

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