Monday, July 14, 2014

DIVA 40....WOW!!!

Diva 38
On the old site I had talked about the Diva 38, a strikingly beautiful yacht with classical looks and an incredibly good and luxurious interior, if you miss it have a look, it deserves it:

But the truth is that even if I find it very beautiful I would not have one for me (even if I had the money...they are expensive ;-)). Too classic and a hull that without being old is not really update but the 40 is another story: in my opinion they have just managed the perfect blend between tradition modern building techniques and contemporary hull design. The NA is Bernt Lindquist, an old timer and the same designer of the other Diva, that on this design shows that being an old timer in NA does not necessarily means outdated designs.

They say about the Diva 40: 

"Diva Yachts has a long history of innovation and success of which we are very proud. It is also a legacy that requires us to work hard to when developing new models, we do not just want to build a boat, we want to bring something new and better to sailors.


The New Diva 40 is in some ways a modern iteration on the original Diva 39. The objective has been to create a yacht that is not excessive in size, interior and concept. Pure lines, a clean layout, innovative solutions and a focus on joy of sailing and comfort. A true Sailors Yacht optimized for cruising and racing. A yacht that brings the Diva heritage into the future. The Diva 40 has moderate beam for it´s length. This brings a number of advantages.

• Good all-around performance, especially upwind, which normally is about where 70% of the time is spent sailing.

• Modern, high-tech construction utilizing the latest advances in materials, laminate plans and construction methods.

• Interior layout and specification as on a 38-footer, but with the benefits of space of the 40 feet length. We have not tried to squeeze in excessive functions which results in an open and spacious feeling.

• World renown Swedish build quality with a contemporary styling. The objective is a modern take on the classical mahogany interiors.

• Light displacement for it´s length due to the well planned layout and modern build methods.
• Because of the moderate displacement, the need for exaggerated sail areas is avoided, making the boat easy to handle for a family, and fast for the racer.
• Price target set very aggressive relative to the build method, materials and quality. The attractive price is also a result of the low weight, smart interior planning and advances in build methods.
• Facilitate different decks and layouts for a wider customer base."

And if the interior of the new boat has a quality similar to the one of their siblings they have achieved much of that design brief: The boat has a LOA of 12.25m (LWL 11.20) a very moderated beam (3.80) with with all the beam pulled aft, 2.15m of draft and probably a bulbed keel similar to the one on the 38. That means that the 2500kg of ballast on a 7000kg boat, with that draft and type of keel will be enough to (with the help of a considerable form stability) to make it a stiff boat. The boat carries a considerable sail area, considering that it is a relatively narrow boat (94m2 with a 106% small genoa) and I have no doubt it will be a very fast cruising boat with tankage more then enough for coastal cruising (300L of water and 150L of fuel). 

I like many boats, different types too, but this one is on the very restrict number of boats that I would like to have. I really like it, it is a gorgeous sailboat :-).

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  1. I have looked at the Divas in the past. Many good ideas but often a little bit of we want to do more than we can, especially in the routing of sheets. They want to replicate Dehler cws-systems in a cheap and simple way, but in the past not really succeeded.

    The new 40 certainly look nice but why 12,25m and not 11,99???