Saturday, March 14, 2015


Initially Comar announced as first cats on his new cat line  a 37 and a 62: The 62 is still on the agenda, the 37 is almost on the water but the next to follow will be a 50 that Comar describes as an Oceanic sailboat:

"The Comet 50 and Cat was developed with the intention of making a fast oceanic high performance comfortable. The project still in the preliminary stage has the ambition to become a point of reference for all fans of catamarans that aim to travel the world in safety and comfort with daily averages impossible to a monohull or heavy catamaran with relative small sail areas...The boat will be built in composite with extensive use of carbon on the most stressed areas."

The design is from Marc Lombard and the cat 50 will weight only 11000kg. It will have a lot of stability due to a large beam (7.30m) and low CG, will have long dagerboards (2,45m draft) that are not visible on the drawings (rotating ones?).
It will be a very fast sailboat, able to carry a lot of sail: Mainsail 87.3m2, Genoa 130% 55m2, code zero 115m2, Spy asymmetric 160m2. The tankage will be considerable (600L of water 360L of diesel) and it will have two powerful 60hp engines. It looks nice to me, lets hope the price is a nice one too ;-)

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