Monday, April 13, 2015


GUNBOAT G4 from Gunboat on Vimeo.

More information about the G4 on previous posts:

Hei José Pedro, what I can say more than those images ? Sailing fun and speed at its best and on a boat that can cruise WOW!!!. And it is beautiful, it looks like a very fast boat, not as a house over the water.

 I love the name: Timbalero, yes rhythm fun.  A pity the need to be rich to have one


  1. For me this boat is the born of a new era in sailing. I believe that in few years we will see a lot of foiling boats for masses.

  2. Hi Paulo,
    long time... I have been superbusy. Bought an RM 1050 in December in Barcelona and have been worlking on it there 1 week per month since then. Recently we finally sold our Wauquiez Opium 39, it took some time, and now we test sailed the RM1050 over eastern holiday in Barcelona. Everything worked as expected and I was impressed by the stiffness of the boat despite 1,6m keels, but it does have a heafty ballast ratio. And performance was not at all far behind the Opium so so far we are very happy with the slightly smaller form factor, the no frill interior and "non teak" exterior. And the views from the pilot house. And the enormous storage compartments even exceeding the Opium.

    Due to the tiller, I guess, he is a former very ggod Optimist and 29er sailer, my son steered more during these few days that what he has done for 17 years before. Here si a video from these days.. Boat is going to France by truch in May and then we sail from there to Sweden.

    1. Hi Anders,
      I have to apologize to you since your comment was lost in transit and I have only noticed it now. Very nice video, by the way :-).
      Now that you know the boat I am more than interested in posting a comparison between the Rm 1050 and the Wauquiez Opium 39. I believe that you had find the RM 1050 considerably slower on light winds?
      Anyway if you want to send me by mail some comparative impressions about the two boats, I will be very happy and I will post them with your videos, from the two boats. I believe that it will interest many.

  3. like a dream

    1. Thanks, I will post it...pity I cannot refer that it was you that sent it but I cannot do that while you remain anonymous ;-)