Sunday, October 4, 2015


Don't take me wrong, classical means not that the boat is not very fast, means only that it is an evolution on older designs, without nothing really new, except the fact that it is probably the only medium production cruising boat built in carbon (not an option) and just that makes it outstanding.

Well, maybe not only carbon since on small letters they say vynilester resins and carbon but the weight (9550kg) indicates that carbon use is somewhat extensive. Arcona are strongly built boats and there was no way of having that weight on a 14m Arcona if carbon was not used.

The design is from the NA that had designed all other Arconas on the line, Stefan Qviberg and that explains the conservative design that is very similar to the other Arconas. Does not mean I do not like it, in fact the hull design is very similar to my own boat or the Comet 45s....but the Comet 45 is a 10 year old design.

Anyway the performance I am sure that will be there (due to the light weight) even if I believe that it will be a poor boat in compensated racing and nothing special going downwind, as we can see by the speed and wind they show on the video.

Regarding cruising it will be another story, the performance will be super, a top building with a very good interior comfort. However I don't like at all the interior design that seems of bad quality to me (they should have it redesigned by an interior designer) and the standard water tankage (320L) is small for a 14m boat.

Thanks to Thomas Larsson that brought this boat to my attention :-)

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  1. you can't build a boat out of carbon without a resin, so whats up with the small letters??