Tuesday, October 6, 2015


While we wait for the Mini-Transat to re-start (all have already arrived to Lanzarote) let's have a look at the Transat Jacques Vabre, a 22 year old race that this year will have the additional interest of seeing the comparative performance of the new Open 60's on foils with the older ones. The Jacques Vabre is a global duo race meaning that even if we have different classifications we will also be able to see the comparative performance between maxi trimarans, 50ft trimarans, Open 60's and 40class racers. Several races in one. 
The race starts this month in France (Le Havre) and finishes in Brazil (ItajaĆ­), a long Transat. 42 boats have already signed up, the majority Open 60's (20). a race to follow for sure, not only very interesting as with a site in English and Portuguese too (besides French): http://www.transat-jacques-vabre.com/en
 Some movies about the race and the racers:

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