Sunday, October 25, 2015


And the guys on the new boats on foils are a bit apprehensive about making a debut on a storm:,47.249,-3.867,4
But the race direction will not change the race start just because some boats have foils that are still not really tried enough on bad weather...and I agree that the race should go on. Postponing would be to give an advantage to the new designs over the older ones. Anyway it will be interesting, I mean even more interesting ;-) Well, the new boats on foils (at least some) have already some miles in rough weather even if what is ahead of them is far worse: 

And now the really good news, the start will be broadcasted by a French TV, France 3 and Dailymotion will be re-broadcasting it on the Transat Jacques Vabre channel (on the race site). As an option you can also watch it on the official France 3 website in French.
 After that you can follow the race almost live on the tracker (Cartographie) that will be available on the site since departure (13.30 French hour): 
With news in French, Portuguese and English, what do you want more...maybe you don't like sailing? :-)
More about this race with lots of videos here:

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