Tuesday, November 3, 2015


I had already posted two times about the Maxi 1200, one to say that it looked to me a great design and that I hoped that,being it now made by Delphia, they would be able to maintain the traditional Maxi quality and lower the prices, the other to say that I had seen the boat at Dusseldorf, that the quality was good and that the price was quite incredible for that quality:

Now that the boat has been extensively tested by many sailing magazines including Yachtingworld,  and Voiles, it is time to say that I was right and that it is indeed a great cruising boat that offers great quality everywhere at a fantastic price, a very nice interior and sails very well. One of the testers, a racer, said that the boat made very good speed at 6K and that means for the ones that like to sail, that they will be using less the engine.

To give a precise example of how good is that light wind performance on Giornale de la Vella test sail they have measured it: close hauled with 3,5k wind the boat sailed at 3.1k(SOG), at an apparent wind angle of 26° (45° real). With 4,5k they sailed at 4,2k ponting at 28°(apparent wind).

 The boat has some particularities that I would dispense: The nonexistence of a traveler, that is "substituted" by a very efficient central electric two way  winch and a very short distance between the winch and the boom. The system is used on many performance luxury big cruisers not directly raced oriented, like some of the last Swans and it works reasonably well. That is about the only thing I don't like on the boat that has a rigging setup pointed to the solo sailor, a boat that can be commanded by the push of a button, but that it is also very rewarding at the wheel.

If you are on the market for a 40ft boat, can pay just a little bit more than what is asked by Beneteau, Jeanneau and the other mass production builders, can live with a slightly less spacious interior (but a better quality one)  and like to sail, have a test sail on this boat.  I believe you will never look back: this is a sailor's boat.

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