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Maree Haute, Django 9.80 builder started doing mini racers, back in 2003 and they still make a racing one, the D2V2; then  they made a small cruiser based on the mini racer, the Django 6.70, then a slightly bigger version, the 7.70 (there is one circumnavigating) and now the big brother, the 9.80 that will be followed by a bigger one  the 12.70.
All boats are designed by Pierre Roland, are very sportive, well built, using infusion techniques. They have already built around 100 boats from all the types, a remarkable number for such particular boats.

The 9.80 is an oceanic boat with lots of interior space, lots of light, a good standing height (1.90m) with an interior that being very functional is quite basic and spartan. I kind of like it. A boat that points to the ones that like sailing more than interior comfort.

The hull is based on the solo racer's hull concept, it is beamy (3.60m) with all beam pulled back, light 3.2/3.4T, depending on the keel configuration, that can assume three forms: Twin keel (1.55m with 1350kg of ballast), torpedo keel (1.95m with 1150kg of ballast) and swing keel with all ballast on the keel (1.10/2.40m with 1150kg of ballast).

A considerable ballast for these types of keels and a big hull form stability gives a very stiff boat with a  sail area to match, a big one, with 40m2 on the mainsail, a 32m2 genoa and a gennaker with 92m2. That's a fast boat for sure. The price starts at about 133 000 euros for a boat equipped, without taxes.

The Django 9.80 was already tested by Voiles magazine on a comparative test, both boats at the water at the same time, with the Azuree 33, a boat with the same type of hull but more heavy, with a much more comfortable cruising interior and also a bit more expensive. The Azuree 33 is a fast boat but the Django 9.80 is faster even if the version tested was the twin keel (the slightly slower one):

Upwind with 22k of wind and waves the boats don't pound, both make 45ยบ real, the Azuree goes at 6.5k, the Django just a bit faster. Both boats are very easy to control and very stable. On a beam reach the Django lighter weight rules and the boat goes at 8.5K while the azuree makes "only" 7.5K. Downwind the Django goes at 10K surfing to 12K while the Azuree never made more than 9.2K.

With medium lighter winds the difference between the two boats was smaller going both around 8k downwind, with the Django going just a little bit faster. Testing the Azuree with the Django is quite unfair to the Azuree that it is considerably heavier (5.2T) even so the Azuree did good and if tested with the Oceanis 35 I bet that it would be considerably faster.

The Django 9.80 is a very interesting boat, not expensive considering what it offers and a good proposition to the ones that like sailing as much as cruising and dream with solo or duo Ocean passages on a small and fast boat.

Have a look:

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