Friday, November 27, 2015


I don't find small cats very pleasing to the eye, they tend to be quite high for the length and that gives them a boxy look but I recon the comet 37 is near of what you can do best regarding looks on that size. From some angles it is even beautiful. Looked laterally not so much, but then any small cat isn't.
I have talked already about it when it was still a project, now is on the water and raising a lot of attention: It was nominated for the boat of the year awards and it is not a weak contender. It has proved to be fast, without being properly a true performance cat, at least on this version without daggerboards, it has a very good cruising interior, kind of the best part of two worlds for many and has a nice price: 225 000 euros without VAT.
12K speed with 20K wind is not bad for a 37ft cat ;-) I cannot wait for a true sail test to see how the boat will do upwind. This one has two keels of considerable depth (1.33m) but there will be a more sportive version with daggerboards. Well, sail tests will be many since the boat is going to be tested by sailors from the major European magazines for the European boat of the year, we have only to wait a little :-)


  1. It seems every cat builder is focusing on 40' this year so this is very interesting (and also reasonably affordable for a new cat..) Looking forward to learning more about her!

  2. Hi Chris,
    In fact I know something more about that boat that I did not posted and that says very well about it: Last year when the boat was being sailed to Cannes boat show (September) they got a terrible storm out of Corsica, one that the Comet 37 cat survived with flying colors. Here is the description by the skipper:

    "... luckily we were partially sheltered from the sea from Corsica - says David, the skipper of the boat - but the waves were very high and breaking, the wind was gusting to 48 knots. We were coming from Elba, upwind sailing and when we saw that the sea was getting bigger, we decided to take shelter in Macinaggio. We stayed at anchor because the port was closed due to heavy seas. The Port captain (Italian the Navy) had judged that trying to enter into port was too dangerous. The boat had not any damage we will sail up today to Cannes. For the new owners who were on board with me ... it was a good test. "

  3. Amazing - thanks for sharing! Keeping my eye on this one =)