Friday, November 13, 2015

RM 1270

The RM 1270 is on the water. It is not a new boat but also a bit more than a MKII. The hull is the same, except on the forward sections where a slightly inversed bow substitutes the older one, adding some LWL, a swing ballasted keel is proposed know, joining the two other options, tween keel and torpedo keel and a new interior (only in what regards looks) substitutes the old one.

Basically it is the same boat but more beautiful and slightly improved. Very little, would say some, but the fact is that the RM1260 was already a very up to date cruiser and a very good fast voyage boat and this one is slightly better. All the good stuff is maintained and the boat on configuration with the swing keel has become 100kg lighter. A very interesting yacht for the ones that want a fast boat more adapted to long range cruising.

The test of the previous version, the 1260, by Yachting world. You should take into consideration that is not a boat the Brits are used to and the test reflects that, as if the boat and the concept was something new, instead of this type of boat being successfully used by the French for more than a two decade, having RM built around 300 yachts.

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  1. Great looking boat and looks like a nice performer... Nick