Thursday, May 26, 2016


It is on the water and it is a wonderful sailboat. If I was rich I would probably want one. To the huge costs of marinas and shipyards we will have to add about 1 400 000USD and the price is not even too bad if we consider that is a carbon boat. I suspect that a truly equipped boat would cost substantially more.

It should also be considered that this 60ft trimaran has the interior space of a 44ft monohull but at least the finnish seems to be rather good and many would not need a sailing boat with more than two cabins (both with an head).

The storage space seems not bad even if on the low side, but anyway, this is a boat for the type of sailor that likes to travel light.

The Rapido 60 is a Morrelli& Melvin design and displaces only 8600kg. It has a reasonable load ability for the type of boat (2000kg), about the same as a 40/42ft light monohull). The speed polar makes me dream. What a cruiser for some lucky guys ;-).


  1. Hi Paulo,,, I'm drooling & dreaming over this big Trimaran. It is awesome! Please keep the Trimaran designs coming!

  2. 1,5 k is not huge money for this kind of boat but if you have your own marina :) Yearly marina fee would be very high

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