Wednesday, May 18, 2016


The new 380 is on the water and they sold already 8 boats (on the drawings). The Salona is one of the more interesting boats on the market regarding price/quality but even so they were in trouble. A new Salona on the water, due to the circumstances, are not only good news for Salona but to all that like nice and fast cruising boats.
I know they were in trouble because I helped some friends to make an excellent deal on the "old" 38 and they had some difficulty delivering the  boat. Salona, even with troubles, had done well, honoring the compromises and offering a lot of extras for the late delivery. They took a lot of time to put this new one on the water but now that they managed it and I believe the troubles will go away since the boat is offered at 150 000 euros on the cruising version and it seems just to be a bettered 38, being the 38 already a great sailboat.

The Italians from Solovelanet had already tested it and were impressed. Much more sail tests will follow and if you are interested in knowing better the boat you can charter it on Croatia, on the charter company that is owned by Salona, but you will have to be quick because I bet a lot of sailors will want to have a go at this boat on this summer :-)

More about the  Salona 380:

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