Tuesday, May 31, 2016


I thought they were dying, trying to sold their old cruising designs (more than 12 years old) after the big commercial screw up that was the "new" boats, kind of a mixture between a motorboat, a monohull sailboat and a cat (Feeling 48, 52 and 55). 

 They had tried a relaunch of the Feeling 39 (16 year's old design) and the Feeling 44 (12 year's old), both boats have been interesting boats in their day but today outdated. That was really pathetic and sad coming from one of the oldest brands still in production (started in 1912) and also responsible for the Privilege cats.

I am really glad they went the right way with what looks to be a very nice design by Marc Lombard (I hope it is not too late). Like on the older cruising boats they propose a centerboarder (and if it would be like on the past models, a version with fixed keel and deep draft). A pity they have not opted for a swing keel with all the keel on the ballast, that seems more interesting for that boat.

On the advertising they talk about a voyage boat, an alternative to aluminium boats, but in what regards beeching nobody in his right mind will beach a heavy GRP boat since light damage on the gelcoat is a strong possibility and that's why I think a swing keel would be a better alternative, offering a shallow draft boat, faster, more powerful and with more stability (than the aluminium ones).

The Feeling had always a superior quality than mass market production boats and they talk about top of the market quality regarding this one. We will see if that is true ;-) To follow up with interest.

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