Tuesday, June 24, 2014


And Pelicano, you forgot to mention Giraglia, the big Med event with over 200 yachts racing and  also an increased number of entries on duo sailed boats (12). Beautiful Images:
The victory in real time went to Esimit Europe, the Maxi that seems unbeatable on the changing med conditions. The boat is quite narrow and I would like to see this one racing the Sydney Hobart. It seems just the type of boat able to discuss victory. On compensated won a Swan 42 and on the 2 handed category (ORC) won a Comet 41s. Damn good race even in real time making just some few minutes than a racing brand new class 9.50 and a J111. Not bad for a "luxury" performance cruiser, I mean for me, my cruising boat;-)

Giraglia Rolex Cup 2014 - Start VNR - 18 Jun 2014 from Valencia Sailing on Vimeo.

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