Sunday, June 1, 2014


Well, closed but not completely ;-) Today is Sunday and I left the work on my boat (almost ready) and found time for a post about the new Sunbeam 40.1. They don't say much but what they show is enough to expect a lovely cruiser.
Sunbeams were for many years a kind of super Bavarias, more expensive, better built but with about the same lack of imagination some Bavarias had, dark interiors and all. But that had changed and for good, the Sunbeams looking now more sportive and better designed. We could see that already on their later designs and the 40.1 continues the trend.
The funny thing is that Bavarias were designed by J&J as the Sunbeam and now Bavarias are designed by Farr while the Sunbeams are still designed by J&J. Well definitively the Sunbeams are looking better than the main Bavaria line ;-)

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