Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Out of water is even more beautiful. A true piece of art not only in what regards building (cold molded mahogany) but also in what regards design (Martim Menzer/Berckemeyer yacht design).

These beautiful weekenders/daysailers are built by a small German boatyard (La Yachts) specialized in high tech wood boat building and I remember to see their boats on past boatshows,  beautiful built but averaged designed. Well, not anymore, and when you join top design with top building the results are truly amazing.

They had the two newly designed yachts at Dusseldodf, a 28 (the one on the pictures) and a brand new 35, that was not even properly finished on the inside. The inside is like the outside, plain varnished hull, a bit on the dark side, with the sort of equipment you expect to find on a weekender but nobody is going to buy this boat on account of the interior. This boat is about sailing and about sailing beauty and in what regards that the hull is so beautiful that you have a urge to pass your hand over it, to caress it.

A yacht for protected waters that will be able to sail at the  slightest puff of wind and that with weak winds will be able to go easily over wind speed, sailing already fast. These boats are very, very light and what is not cold molded wood  is mostly carbon, including the foil that holds the torpedo, with the lead ballast, the rig, the tiller, the geenaker pole and so on.

Starting with the smaller one, the L28, a 8.5m boat with a beam of 2.5m, a draft of 1.75m, it displaces only 1.5T from which 40% is ballast and includes a 2.5kw interior electric engine. The bigger one, the L35, has a length of 10.5m, a beam of 2.95m, displaces 2.8T, 43% of it ballast on a torpedo, at the end of a carbon foil. It has a lifting keel (2.10m - 0.9m) and the SA/D upwind is a staggering 31.7.

Two boats that will make any owner proud and that will deliver a sparkling performance, for a price that obviously cannot be a low one: 120 000 euros for the little one and 220 000 euros for the big sister. Price includes VAT but not sails. Expensive? off course, but excellency and perfection is always expensive and this one is not only a sailing boat but a work of art that can decorate your backyard during the winter 💓 


  1. Thank you Paolo for covering Dusseldorf show , I was dismayed not seeing anything
    for few days from that event