Friday, January 13, 2017

IKONE 7.50

Certainly this one deserve a post, a boat that puts a smile on the face of all that look at it. 😃 A funny boat that not only sails really well, except in what regards close upwind were the performance is a bit less than average, at a very inviting price, offering a big interior space and a very good stability and seaworthiness for the size.

The Ikone 7.50, that was elected last year boat of the year by the French magazine voile, was designed by Julien Marin one of the most talented and innovative young French NA and this boat shows just that innovation and talent. Nothing truly new but a successful cocktail of several well known elements on a Design that results new.

It has a  Cat boat sail configuration, a carbon almost non stayed mast (just some movable stays), a hull inspired on the minis,  a big pole also mini inspired and a twin keel to be able to stand on its "feet" on the dry. All this put together translated on a non expensive sailboat with a big full cruising interior, easy and fun to sail, able of great sailing performances in all points of sail except close upwind.

True that the quality of the finish is not great but the functionality is, as well as some delightful details like that support on the stern for having the boat stable if moored over the keels, that serves also of stair to go out or in the boat. The boat has everything, including a good galley with an oven and a closed  small head.

At  62 500 euros, including VAT it is hard to do better, even if that price does not include an interior engine that can comes as an option neither the spi (2 700 euros) neither the bath platform. I find the fixed engine ( 12 780 euros) and the bath platform unnecessary for this type of boat. with all those options the boat will cost 85 000 euros not adding much to the pleasure of cruising or sailing. 

Another great small coastal cruiser that will certainly is worth its cost in fun and cruising pleasure.

Dimensions: Length: 7.50m, Beam: 3.00m, Draft: 1.20m, Ballast: 2x420kg, Displacement: 2200kg, Mainsail: 35m2, Spi: 47m2.

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