Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Another post out of season and also about Halberg Rassy? what can I say? The mistral is blowing the boat is dancing, I have nothing to do except to hear the wind howling and Halberg Rassy surprisingly are changing fast their fleet of old-designed well built boats by contemporary designs, faster, more seaworthy and with a bigger overall stability. Interesting boats. Cheers to them! 

The Rassy 340 is going to substitute the 342, an already old design with almost 400 boats produced. The new boat will be a lot more powerful due to a much bigger overall stability  not only because of an increase of beam (and mostly the beam brought back) but also by a more modern efficient keel with substantially more ballast (more 300kg) and a bit more draft.

      The B/D ratio is 38% and that for this type of boat keel/draft is a lot. That would make for a very stiff yacht with a very good final stability. The new boat has about the same hull length (10.36 to 10.32) but has a substantially longer waterline (10.10 to 9.09). The LOA is considerably bigger since the new one comes with an integrated bowsprit (10.95m).

 The 340 is beamier (3.47 to 3.42) a small difference that looks much bigger due to the max beam pulled aft. The new one is slightly heavier (5980 to 5300kg) but it is more powerful and has more sail area (upwind), 65.5 to 61.6m2. 

The "old 342"
 The new one should not be faster on the light wind but when the wind picks up it would be a different boat:  stiffer, more powerful and able to carry more sail without reefing.  Also easier to sail downwind fast on autopilot due to the beam pulled aft and the two rudders. 

By the way, this boat is the first HR ever with a two wheel setup, that certainly will contribute to a better steering position (seating on the side) and to a better and easier passage from the wheel station to the cockpit.

Like on the 44, a huge improvement over the precedent model, that was already a good and popular boat. The improvement regards not only the sailing potential but everything from more tankage and more interior volume to bigger storage area and I would say probably a nicer and less heavy interior, if we take into account the one of the new 44. 

If this is what you are looking for, meaning a medium to lightweight 34ft sailboat that will be very easy to sail, that has a good (even if not sparkling) sailing performance, with a big stability (for the boat size), a good build and a cozy interior with a luxury finish with a hint of classical taste, this may be the right boat for you, providing you have the 250 000 euros that a decently equipped boat should cost (including VAT).

A very nice boat and a good looking one too, a great design from Frers, now the son. It seems that the new design of the HR has to do mostly with a change of generation, from the shipyard and from the design cabinet that for decades design HR, both are now run by the sons of the previous owner and designer.


  1. Emiliano PasqualettiMay 26, 2017 at 8:15 PM

    Great analysis on a new boat that definitely catches many people attention. Thank you for sharing the price estimation.

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