Monday, October 2, 2017


One of the nicest Halberg Rassy ever and that is amazing because it is only a 34ft boat and it is more difficult to design a good looking small boat than a bigger one. Chapeau to German Frers!

And it does not only look good as it sails very well and has a beautiful interior. The testers of could not be more enthusiastic about the little Rassy: "Hallberg-Rassy 340 - the ideal sailing yacht; Conservative? That was once! The HR 340 rings the generational change in a spectacular way. One of the best sailing yachts that Hallberg-Rassy has ever built".

Those that thought that I was exaggerating regarding  the Halberg Rassy 340  design quality, when I commented about it here: can see that the testers go even farther on the boat appraisal: "the ideal sailing Yacht".

The movie test, below a link for more great photos from the same origin and at the end a movie from the shipyard where we can see how well the boat sails:

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