Wednesday, October 4, 2017


Starting with the Family Cruisers: Above the Jeanneau 440, below the Oceanis 51.1 and the Hanse 548

Three boats very similar in design. Good looking boats that manage well to disguise a high freeboard and a big interior volume. All of them beamy boats with the beam brought back, boats maximized for downwind sailing and with a clear influence of solo racers in their hull shape. 

Above the Halberg Rassy 44, one of the boats on the Luxury Cruiser class. The other two (below) are the Amel 50 and the Ice 60.

On this group 3 very different boats, the Rassy, one of the best from the last years, continues a North European tradition of central cockpit boats, the Amel 50 is quite revolutionary for an Amel, with only one mast, two spade rudders and a "normal" transmission. The Ice 60 is certainly a luxury boat but also a performance boat and therefore it is very different from the other two in design criteria.

Above the JPK 45, one of the boats on the category of Performance Cruisers. The other two (below) are the Club Swan 50 and the Grand Soleil 34.

Again, three very different boats, so different that it is hard to understand how they form a group: the JPK 45 is a fast performance voyage boat the other two are cruiser racers, much more pointed to racing than cruising and while the Swan is a luxury cruiser-racer the Grand Soleil 34 is much more modest even if with a nice but spartan cruising interior. All are great designs and they are already three winners no matter the one they are going to chose.

I will leave the two other categories (Multihulls and Special Yachts) for another post.


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