Saturday, October 7, 2017


Continuing with the Multihull category, above the Fountain Pajot 47, below the Neel 51 and the Leopard 45:

Two cats and a trimaran, neither of them a performance boat. I hope they don't chose the Leopard . I find it incredibly ugly. I am very curious regarding the test sails of the other two, that are not very different in size and to see if the Neel is really considerably faster than the Pajot, or not. Saw a Nell 51 test sail on a French magazine and they said well about the boat but when they talked about upwind sailing, close to the wind to the Neel are 60ยบ !!! Maybe the Pajot does not make a big difference regarding that too. Leopards used to be  pretty bad upwind. Anyway, these boats are not made for upwind sailing but they seem to be worsening regarding that instead of getting better.

The last category, Special Yachts, it could have been called the racing category since this year no daysailer was nominated. All the boats are great but I think that if the Figaro III (above) sails as well as all expect we will have an anticipated winner. Pity for the other two that are also very interesting, the Flaar 37 and the TF 10 trimaran that this year is the only American boat nominated.

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