Thursday, December 14, 2017


Yves Le Blevec the solo skipper that was attempting to beat the only circumnavigation record that still belongs to a monohull, the one against winds and currents, is well and inside the boat waiting for a rescue.

The boat capsized at the Horn under not unusual weather conditions for this time of the year, wind from 30 to 50K with 70k gusts, 5 to 6 meter waves. Probably it was on one of those gusts that the arm that holds the amas broke leading to a capsize. The boat was on autopilot with the skipper trying to sleep. It happened at 4:21 am.

As I have said before, for beating the record all he had to do was to keep the huge trimaran in one piece...and that included not to capsize. He was very ahead of the old monohull record but going the wrong way around has nothing to do with a circumnavigation on the other direction. Only for trying Yves Le Blevec has already earned the respect of all other multihull ocean racers.

Yves Le Blevec was rescued by the Chilean navy using an helicopter. Nice to know thatb they are there for the rescue and that they are great professionals. Thanks to them!

It is not a first time for Le Blevec neither for Actual (another trimaran with half the size). Some years ago, on a Transat Jacques Vabre he capsized off
the Portuguese coast (movie below).


  1. The Chilean navy has rescued Yves Le Blevec with an helicopter. Congratulations for a job well done!!! A night on those frozen water would not be an agreeable prospect for Le Blevec.

  2. Great rescue video added to the post.

  3. Here in Chile the rescue was covered by all the tv, newspapers, etc.