Saturday, December 23, 2017


I can imagine the state of spirit of Charles Caudrelier and his crew: for the second time, after leading almost all the leg, they are going to be beaten by Mapfre, at the end of it. They had a big problem on the ram mechanism that controls the canting keel, water on the boat and lost many hours doing a hard  and very difficult repair.

It's a double action mechanism that they managed to transform into a single action one. They did not reveal their problem not to give a moral boost to their adversaries, managed an emergency repair and are back on the fight, trying not to lose the 2nd place for Vestas and Team Brunel, but I guess they will avoid changing tacks as much as possible.

The bad luck of Dongfeng takes nothing to the magnificent Mapfre race. The Spanish deserve a big cheer and they have proven that they deserve to be the big favorites for the final victory...unless they have their share of bad luck too. 

Let's see if Dongfeng is able to do a full repair. Not easy because only two members of the support team can work on the boat. I guess that at least part of the crew is going to have to work on the definitive repair. No rest for these "warriors".

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