Sunday, January 7, 2018


This is the 3rd leg like this, Dongfeng chooses the way, Mapfre follows. We could say that Dongfeng is always choosing the best route but that is not obviously the case: one day ago "Turn the Tide on Plastics" was at 26nm to Donfeng the leader, they went more to the east and are now at only 18nm and also on the finish of the 2nd leg Mapfre went for another routing, close to the finish and beat Dongfeng.

So why this? Go to the tracker, play it back and see that Mafre, with the exception of the beginning, when Donfeng made a bad start, is following Mafre all the way. The two course lines almost overlap.

 Many think that this race with all the boats the same (one design) is more interesting. I don't think so. When you design the boats to a race box rule the performances are very similar but designers opt for maximizing boats for slightly different conditions and that means that the best course for a boat is not necessarily the best for another and this creates different strategies and routing options.

Sure, the boats are very close this way but I confess I am pissed. I go to the tracker and every day is the same, Dongfeng leading, Mapfre and more boats following it. Am I the only one?


  1. In the last report Mapfre is in first place.

    1. I guess I missed that one .

      Now they give Mapfre on 5th place following about the same course as AksoNobel that is ahead. Since I posted things changed and on the very light winds the race become much more interesting with boats following different routings, at least 4 different ones.

      They give Vestas as leader but I believe it is bull. The shortest course is not the fastest and Dongfeng has the better routing. Mapfre should have continued to follow it LOL. We will see in about 15 hours if I am right.

      The finish is going to be great, just after having passed a storm. Finally we have an interesting race!

  2. Very interesting what is going on on the race. Terrible conditions for the sailors with very light winds, lots of work trimming constantly the sails, changing direction to get that little bit of extra wind...and almost not moving.

    But even so we can see different strategies regarding to catch the wind that is ahead, 200nm away. They are almost stopped but in 6 hours they will have more wind, still very light but one that will allow them to be out of the hole and moving with a better speed. Tomorrow they will be sailing, still slowly but making good headway and heading for more wind.

    That's on that slow way to the wind that we can already see different strategies: while some just want to get there as fast as possible going where they can find just a bit more wind Vestas and Dongfeng, that are now given as the last on the course, are trying to go as East as possible without stopping moving ahead.

    If you look at the shortest course and move the weather forecast to 24 to 27 hours ahead you will see that there is light winds near the shortest line and stronger ones growing to the East.

    On this so light conditions , almost without wind it is difficult to know what is the best option but unless Vestas and Dongfeng moves on the light winds considerably slower than the boats more to the West, then I believe they will have an advantage and are going to be ahead at the end of the race....unless Mapfre changes the course and follows them.