Tuesday, January 30, 2018


By other words, where to find a charter sailboat, on the Med, that is not a main market mass production  boat (designed for charter) but a smaller series yacht designed for sailing very well and for fast cruising, a modern performance cruiser. Many that follow this thread like performance cruisers but don't have one yet and they do charter on the holidays. So why not charter a performance cruiser instead of a typical charter boat? Where to find performance cruisers for charter?

If we look at the charter companies that operate on the Med, very few have performance boats, for several reasons: they carry less people and they are more expensive to own and to operate. They are less attractive for most since the charter price will have to be bigger to compensate the extra costs. If we look well we can find some advertisements, mostly from not very expensive or very fast performance cruisers like a Dehler 38, an Elan 350 or some Salona but they are very rare and the boats are already some years old.

However there are two charter companies with considerable fleets, of mostly new boats, that are specialized on the charter of fast or even very fast cruisers, one in Greece, the other in Croatia. I am talking about FastSailing in Greece  and More charter in Croaria, both operating near international airports. Fastsailing base is in Lavrio, near Athens and More yachts in Primosten a beautiful old village near Split.
More 55

More Yachts offer, beside the two boats that they build, the More 40 and More 55, the older fleet of Salonas: eleven Salona 38, one 41 and four 44. Prices in June for week go from 6000 euro on the More 55 down to 2000 euro for a Salona 38. 

FastSailing, that started some years ago with a Pogo 12.50, has now a considerable fleet of very fast performance cruisers (and a cruiser-racer) plus a fleet of fast performance cruisers, a bit better on the luxury side than the More, even if slower. 

They have on the first fleet one Pogo 50, four Pogo 12.50, one Pogo 36 and one Sydney 43GTS cruiser-racer (the cover image). On the second fleet they have one X4 and a X50 both from X-yachts and with a great quality interior.

In June, the week charter prices on the very fast performance cruising line, go from 7900 euro on the Pogo 50 down  to 3300 on the Pogo 36. On the other fleet the X4 costs 4900 and the X50, that is only chartered with a skipper, costs 6900 euro. They offer also training courses in March and November at interesting prices, 1250 euros for person for a week.

If we compare these charter prices with the ones of new main market mass production sailboats we will see that the prices are not high, specially considering the difference on the new price of the boats: In June charter a recent Dufour 520 will cost 5300 euros and a Dufour 382 will cost 2650 euro.

Why not join the pleasure of sailing fast and have fun to the pleasure of sailing with the family? Between boats I have done this myself chartering in 2011 a then brand new performance  Salona 41,  a very nice boat to sail and cruise. I liked it so much that I bought a similar type cruiser.


  1. Hi, thank you for this blog !

    There are also some Grand soleil for rent in Šibenik...


  2. True for Grand Soleil in the Adriatic, but there are also few new X4^3 in Split to charter, one-design fleet of racing First 35 and 45 in Kastela near Split, as well as Dehler 38, and some other faster boats too...

  3. Hi Paulo, you also have a couple of Pogo 30 and a 36 in Roses,Spain

  4. Thanks everybody for the adicional data. I know that there is more performance boats for charter, including Comet 41s and 45s for charter but those two companies I mentioned are specialized on that while others have one boat or two, some owner's boats in charter too.

    I remember to have seen that fleet of First 35 and 45 in Kastela (near Split) and I know that at least an almost new First 40 is also for charter somewhere in Greece near Athens.

    I normally don't allow comments from professionals promoting their products but regarding this, since it will be of general interest, if you have a recent performance cruiser for charter, on de Med or in any other place, owner or charter company, feel free to say so and post on the comments about it joining a link. address.

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