Sunday, September 20, 2015


The much awaited new Azuree 40, that will be a 41. What I don't like? Very little, the winches could be more close to the wheelsman and I really don't like at all that odd front cabin (maybe they change it). I love many features of this Humphreys design, that is very different from the previous Azuree 40, that was also a good but very different cruising boat.

The previous boat was a bit like a bourgeois Pogo, with more weight, less stability and a very good cruising interior; this one is nothing of that and it is on a completely different register. The previous boat had 4.22m of beam, this one only 3.90. The previous boat looked a lot lighter with 7300kg versus 8360kg on the new one BUT if we consider that the 40 had only 1762kg of ballast versus 3211 on the new one we can see that the hull is not heavier but lighter.

In fact I did not like the reserve stability and AVS of the Azuree 40 (that is a very fast boat) but I will certainly like that particular on this one since besides the huge difference in ballast the new boat has more draft as standard (2.40m versus 2.16). A huge stability and a very stiff boat for sure. In what regards length, if the overall length of this boat is bigger, the water line length is smaller on the 41 and the sail area only 3 m2 bigger on the new boat.

Probably the old 40 is slightly faster (except upwind) but this one will be a better and more seaworthy cruising boat...and fast by all accounts. The price is interesting too for a quality boat: about 190 000 euros vat excluded....but what is a great deal now is the old Azuree 40, a good boat that they are selling really cheap.

The "old" Azuree 40, a Ceccarelli design:

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