Saturday, September 19, 2015


That's a great race (84 racers) and I will be following it here. The weather this year will be very particular and strategy regarding routing (no outside help) will count for much. In 2 days they will get some nasty weather and after that several routing options are possible. Here is the tracker:

Remember that there are two classes, the proto and the boats that are produced (Serie). on the proto
Frederic Denis is already well ahead of the pack on this boat (proto):
Quite a surprise since he is not a top gun and the boat (designed by Marc Lombard) is not new, having made the 2012 race with Antoine Rioux and in 2013 with Gahinet. The boat had problems and Gahinet was recovered by fishermen. Later the boat was extensively recovered for the new owner and this race.

On the serie Benoit Hantzperg is leading but with lots of boats very near. This guy on a brand new Pogo 3:
Not also among the favorites...but it is a long race (4000nm) and it is just beginning.
 Here the main site and this year in English too:


  1. Davy Beaudart is probably the favorite in the Proto class, and he's currently 0.1nm behind Denis and sailing 0.1 knot faster. He made a decent showing for a time in 2013 until he was dismasted in his David Raison-designe scow boat. Otherwise I think he would have given Pedote and Marie a run for their money. In the Series, it's anyone's race. Nobody really sticks out for me, although there is plenty of talent there.

    On a different note, I had the opportunity to test sail a Multi 23 trimaran today, a boat that I first learned about on your blog (the previous version). It is a terrific little multihull, even though we were sailing in very light wind - 3-6 knots - it accelerated in the puffs and slipped along effortlessly. I am thinking of purchasing the boat in order to compete in the Race-to-Alaska (R2AK) in 2017 or 2018. Will make a decision tomorrow.

    1. Hi there! I have seen your comments about the Multi 23 on your page on facebook. I have no doubt the Multi 23 is a great little boat but what about the Diam 24 that is used on the Tour de France? If you are thinking about buying one I guess you should try both. I believe the Diam is faster and more of a racer even if the Multi 23 is a blast.