Sunday, September 20, 2015


Ok, it finished some time ago but I was cruising and since this is a favorite race I will make a short post about it. This was the first year that the tour de France was raced on multihulls (Diam 24 trimarans) and it seems that the new boat satisfied all, even if in what regards seaworthiness it was far away from the previous monohull and that resulted on a cancelled race on the last day (more than 30k wind). That was really unfortunate since two teams were equal in points, Grupama (with Franck Cammas) and the Swiss-Franco team of Spindrift. With the cancellation Spindrift won because it had more 2nd places. The best movies:
This edition counted with a big number of famous sailors, many monohull top solo sailors as well as top maxi multihull sailors. Among the monohull solo sailors, Vicent Riou, Jérémie Beyou, Kito de Pavant, Bernard Stamm,and Tabarly. Riou has even won one of the races (with a little help of Billy Besson, triple world Nacra 17 champion). Buf for me the revelation was François Morvan. When he picked the tiller, Spindrift started to won almost all the races. François Morvan is not a kid and is the wheelsman of the big Spindrift (the biggest maxi racing trimaran, ex-Banque Populaire) but he had, on the last days, on the tiller of Groupama, Frack Cammas, as opposition. Chapeau Monsieur Morvan!!!

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