Saturday, March 12, 2016


The Adventure 55 is clearly a voyage boat but from a different bread from Allures, Garcia or Boreal. Not a centerboarder like those but a lifting keel Yacht (1.40/3.05m) with a torpedo where most ballast is located (6.2T). That ballast on a 20T boat give a B/D of 31% and that with that draft and that type of high performance keel, is a lot.
The boat has a considerable beam (4.8m) and a big form stability that is bettered by a beam bough aft and chines. That form stability plus the stability from the low CG makes this a very powerful boat with a SA/D of 21.8 and certainly a fast one.

The dinghy, contrary to the majority of aluminium centerboarders around, is not on davits but on a garage and that contributes to make this a beautiful sailboat. The boat was tested by Seilas magazine during a passage and the speed they got most of the time was 10K, in different wind and sea conditions. They were impressed with the Adventure 55.

This yacht contrary to most of the aluminium centerboarders cannot be sailed from the inside and even if it has a very large sprayhood, that offers a big protection, that is a disadvantage specially in what regards cold climates but probably this boat was not designed with that in mind. Not all wish to go voyaging on very cold climates and with the exception of that, the boat is perfect, offering speed, seaworthiness, the safety of an aluminium hull and beauty.
The interior is a good and nice one but I would say that it lacks a bit of inspiration. The Adventure 55 joins the Gigale 16 in what regards the offer of fast aluminium voyage boats. The Cigale does not offer the versatility of a lifting keel, but that comes with a price and the Adventure 55 is considerably more expensive. I would not mind having any of the two even if I would prefer the lighter, less expensive and faster Cigale, even if I find the Adventure 55 more beautiful ;-)

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