Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Nothing really much interesting from Besteaever.... till know. They are beautiful expensive aluminium voyage boats designed by Dykstra, very classical in design, considerably heavier then the French alu. models, having the 50 a similar design made of GRP, a considerably less expensive version, the Bestewind.

But things have changed and the new 45ST can have a swing keel with all ballast on the keel and a two rudder set up. That will increase the boat potential as a voyage boat, allowing it to access shallow anchorages, to get better protection from the wind and sea, anchoring closer to the shore and the possibility to be beached.

Contrary to the previous 45 this one has a real pilot house, offering a small protected space to steer the boat in bad weather, or cold,  at the cost of a smaller saloon (you can see it on the movie). It makes a lot more sense than the aluminium sprayhood  previously adopted (on the photo) that would not serve as a proper shelter for bad weather.

An interesting boat for the ones that prefer a slightly outdated hull to enjoy the privilege of having a classical looking boat and don't mind to pay for a 45ft aluminium semi custom boat about the same that they would pay for a more functional 50ft French production Aluminium voyage boat.

The interiors are of very good quality and match the classical taste of the yacht.

Since we are looking at the Besteaver, let's also have a look at the less expensive GRP version, the Bestewind 50 that costs about the same price as the Aluminium Bestevaer 45, around half a million euros without VAT. A very nice looking boat with an interior a bit too posh for my taste, but that will go along with the conservative tastes of the ones that will chose a boat like this as a voyage boat.

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