Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Something interesting coming from Elan. They have two series, the Performance  and the Impression. The Performance series has several good boats specially the 32ft (E3) and the 35ft (E4) but the 40 (E5) has not the same good cruising interior design of the other two boats offering a smallish galley for a 40ft boat.

Well, about the impression series I would forget about that, don't think they are interesting. It is hard to understand how a brand can have so nicely designed performance boats and so ugly main market cruisers, specially since the designer is the same (Humphreys). Anyway the good news is that is going to change.

They are going to pick the hull of the 40ft E5 (a nice and good hull), add a nicely designed raised cabin (that will provide a lot of light), a big hull port for the view and a better cruising interior. All seems to make sense including a running rigging  more geared towards solo sailing. I hope they get it right because what come up, even if with horrible black graphics, is nice and interesting even if the galley continues to look too small.

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