Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Yes, not properly a nice looking boat, at least from the hull up and why I am posting it here is a good question. That is an intriguing cruiser with a nice hull, an interesting lifting keel and a very good sail performance with a bulkier and oddly designed cabin.

This yacht is a Morozov concept designed by Teixido&Harrold, a young and innovative NA firm based in Barcelona. It is the type of boat many cruisers say they want, but then when the bill to built such a boat comes up, they rapidly change of idea and buy a Bavaria. This is an expensive boat for a 35ft boat costing 250 000 euros and looking detailed at this yacht I can understand that price even I find that there is not a market for such a boat.

Probably the ones that would like the looks and the concept don't care much for performance and anyway they are on the market for an used 50 000 euros boat and the ones that will appreciate de speed will refuse to have a boat that looks like a caravan.
But I can be mistaken regarding market. Also this is just a prototype and Morozov is an interesting character, a talented guy and there is always the possibility of containing the price making it a much simpler and less expensive boat, improving at the same time the looks, since the hull and keel set up looks to work very well.

The boat includes some unusual features for this type of design, like water ballast, a  Open type hull, a lifting keel with not much ballast. I would chose to skip that water ballast and have a bit more ballast on that torpedo. That 1500kg keel, even if with a torpedo and with a 2.30m draft is just adequate to provide an average final stability but not a very good.

An unusual and interesting yacht, that as it is, offers a lot, if one wants to live on a 35ft boat, wants to have  a good sailing performance and don't mind too much about how the boat looks. Don't miss the movie with the boat keeping up with a X35. Not bad for a caravan ;-)

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  1. Hi, the exterior may be looks unusual, but the things like stability and steering control are very good, thanks to symmetrical heeled waterline and whipstaf tiller (normal wheels are standard). I use the water ballast mostly for comfort to reduce the heel a the stability is good enough even without water ballast. The following model of Soler-52+ will be with aluminum hull and fixed keel.