Thursday, February 4, 2016


Yes, it is not a new design, by modern standards it is a rather old one but it is amazingly contemporary. It is a MKII, the boat was modernized in what reefers cabin design, appendages and interiors and it looks like a brand new design. A great design by Ceccarelli that says about it on an interesting interview:"I am proud of that design...I like it!. It's a boat I would recommend to my best friend."
I have already posted about the Azuree 33C and there is not much more to be said about it, except that I have visited the boat and that the interior looks even better than on the photos. The interior quality is remarkable, as the overall quality, at a very good price. The boat (without VAT) has a basic price of 116000 euros with a first pack that costs 10490 euros, that will give already a decently equipped boat and a performance pack (that I would not miss) that costs 12060 euros.

We can add the  spraywood and the bimini for 3775 euros and for 130265 or 142325 euros with the performance pack (bigger mast, folding propeller, adjustable kevlar backstay, dynema running rigging, performance lead keel) you can have a beautiful fast cruising sailboat with a great interior. Off course you will have to add VAT if in Europe but that's a lot of boat and quality for the price.


  1. This boat looks perfect. How does it feel inside? I had a chance to see Pogo30 interior and it looked like complete crap. I mean total crap!

  2. Cozy, functional, good quality, great design, modularity with different options regarding furniture, good storage. I said that I was impressed and I am not easily impressed ;-) If you like the photos you will not be deceived with the reality. Nothing to do with the Pogo that is a faster boat but much more naked. This one is almost chick in comparison.

    There are more nice fast boats with a good cruising interior but at this price I guess that the only competition comes from Elan. The Salona 35 is also nice but the interior space is considerably smaller since the boat is not as beamy. From the three this has the better quality interior even if the other two have also good interiors.

  3. Wow what a beautiful boat! Top of my list for a monohull now on aesthetics at least :)

  4. Hi Paolo,

    Which would you choose between the Azuree and Django 9.80. I know the Azuree is strikingly beautiful in and out and the Django abit faster. Which of the two would be more seaworthy/quality of construction?

    1. Hi Chimbatete, it is a long time I have heard of you ;-)
      The question does not make much sense since what matters to you is the one that you would prefer.
      There is a French magazine with a good comparison between the two boats, both in the water at the same time and it will provide good information about what it is to be expected from both boats in what regards sail performance.
      I believe both are strong and well built. For living on the boat for long periods and for cruising extensively I would chose the azuree, for crossing the Atlantic with a friend and to enjoy sailing in a spartan way I would chose the Django.
      Anyway regarding me I could never have a boat like the Django because my wife would refuse to sail on it (too spartan) and I like to sail with my wife ;-)