Tuesday, February 9, 2016


No, this yacht did not won the contest, it was one of the nominated and the Ice 52 is a good example of the extraordinary level of the entries this year. That beauty, looking like a racing boat, has a great built quality, a very good cruising interior and a huge garage that can take a 2.80m dinghy. It certainly dose not look like having the space for it but I could confirm at Dusseldorf that the space is really there.

But this post is not about a particular boat, even if later I will certainly make one about the Ice52, but about all of them and the movies of the tests that Yacht.de posted in their site.

The the first movie: http://www.yacht.de/yacht_tv/test_technik/europas-yacht-des-jahres-2016--teil-1/a104293.html
Look at the great grill and small galley that the 460 has on the cockpit, on the back of the boat. what a great idea! Look at the very nice interior and how the boat sails relatively well on light winds.

Look at the great sail performance of the Hanse 315, it sails like a Dehler.

Look how fast and easy the RM 1070 goes. Look how fast is the the small 24 Bente and how incredible, even with light wind, is the Quant 23. Look at the face of testers and the big smile on all faces, when they are describing how good is the sensation to sail that little boat :-)

No, this one also did not won the contest, on the multihull category, but what a beautiful and fast cat. Unfortunately the Dazcat 1495 was not at Dusseldorf, but on the video below it does not only sail fast as it looks like having a great cruising interior.

The the second movie: http://www.yacht.de/yacht_tv/test_technik/europas-yacht-des-jahres-2016--teil-2/a104529.html
Look at how close to the wind and how fast the Ice52 goes on that very light wind. Look at how well and fast the Solaris 50 goes upwind on light wind with a big code 0.

Look how well and fast that Aluminium voyage boat, the Adventure 55, goes on light wind. Look at the very nice interior for this type of boat. Not in Dusseldorf too, but looking at the pictures it seems really an impressive interior, a high quality one.

Look at how it sails the little cat, the Comet 37, and how nice the interior is. Look at Maxi 1200 and the Sunbeam 41, two very good cruising boats. Particularly the Maxi 1200 that has a quite remarkable price regarding the quality it offers. Look at all those beautiful boats and tell me if those guys are not lucky to be paid to test sail all those beauties :-)

I have already made a post about the winners of 2016: http://interestingsailboats.blogspot.pt/2016/01/2016-european-boat-of-year.html

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