Friday, February 5, 2016

C47ac from CYACHTS

Probably most of you never heard about Cyachts. It is a small Dutch shipyard that makes high quality cruisers. They have some interesting boats, mostly on what regards quality/price, but the design is old and have not been updated for many years.

Well, it seems that has changed and at Dusseldorf I saw some beautiful drawings regarding a new boat designed by a great NA, Dyktsra, that has drawn some of the most beautiful modern/classic boats that I know off. Fast boats too. A Cyacht designed by Dykstra can only be a great sailing boat since Cyachat has the quality the "savoir faire" and the experience needed to make a great product at a fair price. They announced that shortly after the 47 a 41 will be made, designed by the same NA, and pretty much with similar lines.

The 47 will have a displacement of 13200 kg. To put this is perspective I would say that an Oceanis 48 weights 12494kg with a B/D of 28%. That means that all the diference in weight goes right to the ballast since the Cyacht will have a B/D of 40%. Continuing with comparaisons, a Halberg Rassy 48 (an old design) weights 18.5T and the new Solaris 47 weights 12600kg.

The hull will be moderately beamy but considerably less than an Oceanis 48 (4.40m to 4.74), similar in beam with the one of the Solaris 47. The hull has the beam brought back and a plumb bow, featuring modern bulbed keel with 2.20m draft.

Not really a performance boat but certainly a fast boat and since Cyachts build their boats with quality materials and modern techniques (full cored hull, vinylester resins, composite keel structure), a strong boat too.

If I was on the market for a 45/50ft main market cruising boat of high quality I would certainly follow this one till its completion and probably I would consider it among the ones to be looked more closely. It will promise to be a great boat.

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