Friday, April 29, 2016


Not the boat I would chose to sail on the Med (not enough upwind fun) but certainly one in my short list if I was circumnavigating or sailing extensively (voyaging) around, specially considering the relation between price, quality and performance. The new swing keel, that is offered as an option to a twin keel or mono keel, increased the overall versatility and the boat is just an improved 1260 that was already an improved 1200 and the RM 1200 (that I test sailed some years ago) was already a great boat.

I had made already a post about the RM 1270: and I just want to add some more visual information about the boat, regarding the new swing keel, the huge transom directly influenced by solo racers (that will provide a huge stability and no roll sailing downwind) and most of all the excellent test movie made by the German magazine, that tested the RM 1270 and were impressed with its qualities, sailing and otherwise.

The movie:

The interior is also improved regarding the 1260, not anything substancial, but offering the same forward view that allows to sail the boat from the chart table, it has now a more refined interior in what regards finish and color schemes. 

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