Saturday, April 2, 2016


Just to remember that this almost 25 year's old duo transat, on little 32ft sailing boats (Figaro class), is going to start again tomorrow, Avril 3 and that you will be able to follow it almost in direct through the tracker on the race site:

The short movie above is from one of the 15 teams that will race this edition, training some days ago in 40k winds. Another team is this one, well known in internet by their acrobatic figures LOL:
Xavier, the more experienced from the two, with an already long carrier (2015 France champion of solo offshore racing), says it is the third time it had happened to him.

This race has always been the one that had revealed the best solo offshore sailors and being essentially a race for  the new generation of solo offshore racers, use to have the participation of several stars from the IMOCA class (Open 60's), but not unfortunately this year due to their involvement on the Transat Anglaise (British Transat) that will start in a month.

Some images of the more than 20 years of this race on an already old but interesting movie:

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