Friday, April 29, 2016


I guess the regulars on this blog will be as curious as me regarding the audience and who is following it and from where, so let's satisfy that curiosity. The map above regards general audience, all time considered.

It is truly a global audience and a blog where the sun never sets :-). The US appears to be the major audience simply because EU countries numbers are not considered as a whole, but are separated by countries. All together the audience is bigger than the one on the US (that is a very big one nonetheless).  

Also many countries have followers but not in enough number for their country to appear colored. From those I will mention a considerable number from South America, from Scandinavia, from Turkey, from Greece, Poland, South Africa, from China and Taiwan. 

Regarding numbers on the two years the blog has, it had about 380 000 hits  and the average of hits a day is well over 500 now. Regarding the overall number of  hits the number of members is not big even if it has increased substantially on the last months, just 10. So if you are a regular consider becoming a member (on the top right of the blog).

 It is simple and it makes for a more convivial approach helping us to know better each other's. After all this blog shows that sailing and the love for beautiful sailboats is truly an universal thing and in what regards that we all share a common interest and pleasure.

Regarding conviviality don't hesitante in posting comments on the blog. It helps for the ambiance I would like to have here and regarding that, I would have preferred a bigger participation from you all and I hope that will increase from now on.

Now, that for most the sailing season is arriving, a special wish for fair winds, great sailing and cruising fun for all. For me the sailing season is also beginning (next month) and that means that my contribute to this blog will be very small, till October. Not closed for sailing but almost ;-)
The best for all,


  1. Chile! Chile! Chile!

    Thanks you for this blog, I visit it close to dayly.

  2. Been visiting regularly since a couple year now! (started when it was still a thread:P) Keep up the good work, many people enjoy it even if they don't post!